Agro-Color® is a value-added coating from Dongbu Steel developed for agricultural and farming objects.

The substrate used is hot dipped galvanized steel sheet with Zn coating min.

Following the intensive development of the agricultural sector in the regions of Russian Federation, Ukraine and CIS countries, Dongbu Steel developed the unique coating - Agro-Color®.

In agricultural objects (chicken farms, cow and pig houses), the environment is distinctive of increased humidity (up to 98%) and high concentration of ammonia, which is detrimental to ordinary polyester coated galvanized steel.

Superior corrosion resistance
Agro-Color® product is a cold rolled steel sheet covered with Zn coating on both sides (min. 275 g/m2 - max. 300g/m2). As a finish coating, high durability polyurethane and polyester based resin is used.

Agro-Color® product has a superior corrosion resistance in alkali environment. In the below table you can see the comparison of the corrosion resistance properties between Aluminum coated steel - ALCOT® and heavy Zn coated steel - Agro-Color®. As the table shows, Agro-Color® performance is superior to that of ALCOT® in Alkali environment (ammonia fumes) but its performance is worse in Acid environment.

Main Applications:
  • PU sandwich panels
  • Mineral wool sandwich panels
  • Stand-seam roof
  • Corrugated sheets and steel siding
  • Facade panels
for chicken farms, pig houses, stables, grain storage buildings

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