SuperGalum® is the brand name for 55% aluminum-zinc coated steel sheet produced by Dongbu Steel, Korea.

SuperGalum® is highly heat and corrosion resistant, combining the properties of aluminum which renders increased durability, excellent heat resistance, and formability, and those of zinc which offers high heat resistance and excellent corrosion protection. SuperGalum® is three to six times more corrosion resistant than regular zinc coated steel sheet, with a 20-year warranty for residential use. Since 1998, Dongbu Steel has been producing SuperGalum® under a licensing agreement with BIEC International Inc.

SGL layout:

¨≥omposition of SGL coating:
Composition Weight ratio (%) Capacity ratio (%)
Aluminum 55.0 80
Zinc 43.4 19
Silicon 1.6 1

Excellent Durability

SuperGalum® is three to six times more corrosion resistant than zinc coated steel sheet of the same thickness. 20-year warranty for residential use.

Excellent performance in aggressive environment such as marine, industrial, rural area and in acid environment.

Heat Reflectivity

SuperGalum® steel sheet boasts superior heat reflectivity, which produces increased energy efficiency, making it an excellent material for the interior of electronic home appliances. Used as a roofing material, SuperGalum® will inhibit the rise of building’s temperature, thereby lowering the cost of air conditioning. Food storage buildings made of SuperGalum® enjoy the additional benefit of having stored grains protected from quality change.

Excellent resistance to heat (up to 315 °C), which makes it the right choice for production of electric cabinets.

High Productivity

4% more productivity from 1 metric ton in comparison to GI sheet due to less density of SGL (SGL density is 3.75 g/cm2, GI density is 7.14 g/cm2).

Attractive appearance due to inherent “metallic” color and shiny surface

Due to high adhesiveness of the organic coating with PU-glue, SGL is the ideal product for sandwich-panel application. Organic coating used for SuperGalum® provides for high corrosion resistance, good lubrication properties, high adhesion power to PU glue and anti -finger print properties.

SGL layout:
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