Printech® is a value-added luxurious coating from Dongbu Steel which reproduces a great variety of sophisticated natural patterns and gives an elegant looking to the existing monotonous building exterior.

Printech® is available in over 80 patterns.

Technical data
  • Used substrate: SGL, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
  • Paint type: polyester, PVDF
  • Painting method: gravure offset printing
  • Coating thickness: 30-35 micron
  • Available steel thickness: 0.35-0.80 mm
  • Available width: 600-1430 mm
  • Warranty period: 10 years (polyester base); 20 years (PVDF base)
  • Application: interior and exterior construction materials, steel and garage doors, home

Coating section:

W zebrano G6W373H
Zebrano Gray G9W017H
Caova G6W490H
Caova marun G6W760P
L.Rose G6L010H

Sycamore Blush G6W561H
Sycamore Red G6W123P
Sycamore Orange G2W013H
YC Sycamore G6W141P
Sycamore G6W100P

Maple G6W020P
Walnut G6W040P
MC Cherry G6W273H
Cherry G6W030P
Maple Castle G0W093H

Water Ash G6W245H/P
Water Ash Dark G6W193P
Water Ash Cocoa G6W138H
Water Ash Caramel G6W523H
Water Ash tan G6W233H

Noche New G0W243H
Noche Coffee G6W243H
Noche Marun G6W433H
Noche Caramel G6W713H
Noche Skin G0W133H

Oriental Oak G0O010P
B.Oriental Oak G0O023H
Oriental Oak Orange G0O033P
Oriental Oak Castle G0O073H
Oriental Oak Peoch G0O053H

Red Oak Light G9O023H
Red Oak G6O013P
Red Oak Coconut G6O063H
Red Oak Gray G6O043H
Red Oak Bake G6O113H

H.Wood Natural G0W053P/H
H.Wood Black G6W163P/H
H.Wood G6W255P/H
H.Wood Light G0W063H/G0W198F
H.Wood White G7W023H

H.Wood Royal G6W303H
H.Wood Sienna G6W723H
H.Wood Dark Brown G6W613H
H.Wood Walnut G6W135P
H.Wood Skin G0W113H

K Wood G6W368F
Log Dark G6W050P
Log Moisture G6W850P
K Wood G6W368F
K Wood Burn G6W793P

Naive Orange G2W020P
Naive Natural G6W220P
Pine Wood G0W020P/G0W028F
Pine Wood Black G6W263P
Teak Wood Red G6W083P

Old Pine Beige G0W163P
Teak Wood Beige G0w233P
Old Pine Orangen G6W203P

Stone Wall G6B010P
L.Stone Wall G6B070P
Fine Stone Color G2B020P
L.Fine Stone Color G2B043P
Big Stone Sepia G9B013P

Rustic Brick G6B050P
Red Brick Light G6B060P
Big Stone G6B043P
Big Stone White G7B020P
White Stone G7B013P

Granite G9S010P
Granite Black G9S025P
Granite Carmin G1S027P
Granite Orange G2S013P
Granite Light G7S027P

Crack Stone G6S023P
Embo Stone G9S033P
Sand Stone G0S023P
Imperior G7S037H
Aravescato G7S017P/G7S018F

Basis Black G9G043P
Basis Metal G8G113P
Concrete Beige
Concrete Wine
Concrete Gray

Marbling Blue G5G023P
Marbling Green G4G053P
Marbling Bronze G6G023P
Marbling Gray G9G033P
Marbling Beige G0G043P

Ceramic Black
Ceramic Brown
Ceramic Blue
S Roof Blue G8N140P
S Roof Copper

Terracotta BurnG2R023R Terracotta Burn

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